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Slate Sign FAQ’s

1) How do I install my sign?
Install your sign using our secret fitting system. To avoid ugly detailing, cracked signs when fitting and visible rusting screws we provide secret fixings on the BACK of all of our signs, we don’t drill holes right through the signs as standard. We sink into the back of the sign with one or more threaded pins, which are held rigid by an industrial resin.

Our reasons for doing this are as follows:
– No ugly screws are visible.
– Perfect for uneven surfaces.
– Provides a super-fast process to install your sign.
– Universal, threaded fixing for wall and gate attachment.

If we were to drill a hole through the slate, when it comes to screwing
the sign to the wall you may slip and damage the front of your sign.

You don’t end up with weather marks on the front of your sign

All pins are tough, threaded nylon, not steel
(as steel can rot and have a detrimental effect on your sign)

2) How durable is my sign?
Quality is of the upmost importance and we are aware that imported slates do loose their appearance through time.
Welsh slate will never loose it’s natural appearance or colour and our motto has always been “Our signs are built for a lifetime and beyond”

3) How long will my sign take?
At House Signs we strive to dispatch your sign within 7-10 working days, allow 3 working days for delivery, we will also email you full tracking information once picked up. Please be aware that the automated tracking email can sometimes go into Spam/filter email folders.

4) How do look after my sign?
You can clean periodically with a sponge and warm water and maybe spruce it up with a light coating of vegetable oil. Most customers tend to fix their signs and forget about them as they always look as good as they day were put up.

5) What’s the largest sign I can order?
We have a wide range of standard sizes, however we can cut slate to virtually any size. Right the way up to 3m long.

6) Can I have a bespoke design?
Absolutley! Email your idea to us and we’ll get to work straight away.

Take a look at our other slate products...
Large & Architectural | Opening Plaques

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